Student Care Centre For Your Child - What is the Role of a Student Care Centre in Singapore?

What is the purpose of placing your child in a Student Care Centre in Singapore?

The Student Care Centres in Singapore provide care and supervision, either before or after school hours, to children who need it. For Student Care Centres who run on educationally sound principles, their Student Care programmes are normally designed by qualified and experienced NIE / MOE educators and are catered to meet the broad range of a child's social, emotional, recreational, physical, intellectual and creative needs, as well as to reinforce learning for students who need additional support. These Student Care Centres could either be operated as a School-Based Student Care Centre that is situated within the school compound or as a Community-Based Student Care Centre that is located in the community.

Researchers (Yang, Yan, Fu, Du, & Lui, 2015) have found that children who have been left without direct parental care for extended periods of time show larger gray matter volumes in the brain, providing the first empirical evidence showing that the lack of direct parental care may delay brain development and alters the trajectory of brain development in children.

Therefore, in an ideal setting for families, if one of the parent is able to stay at home to take care of their children on a full-time basis, that would still be the most preferred arrangement for your child rather than sending him or her to a Student Care Centre. However, if such an arrangement is a challenge, as is the case of many working parents, the next best alternative would be to send your child to a carefully chosen Student Care Centre which runs educationally-sound programmes that cater to the holistic development of your child.

Happy parenting!